Specializing in Top 40's, Dance, Rock and Roll, Disco and Oldies Music

About DJ Adam Jams

Who is DJ Adam Jams?

Adam is a high-tech DJ who loves to entertain the audience with great music.  DJ Adam always uses the latest technology to DJ his events.  Here is what he uses for his performances:

  • Turntables are on a laptop and are online with a 4G LTE hotspot.
  • Premium sound system that of course sounds great at every event
  • Light system that is always a hit with the audience
  • Wireless and wired microphones including a very capable Emcee.
  • Thousands of songs in any genre from the 50’s to today and  always ready to play the best music for any event

How does DJ Adam Jams make his event spectacular?

  • He always tailors his music for the event and the participants
  • He takes requests and works very well with crowd as well as the person(s) that are the event coordinators
  • He is great at creating a song play mix, so that everyone will have a chance to be on the dance floor.  DJ Adam rates himself by how many people he gets on the dance floor
  • DJ Adam Jam’s events always create a way for everyone to enjoy the music

How Much Does DJ ADAM JAMS Charge per event?

DJ ADAM JAMS has different price packages; which depend on the event type, location and duration of the event. His price packages are usually quite reasonable and affordable.

Contact DJ Adam Jams today, so that you can also have that DJ Adam Jams experience.

DJ Adam has been making your events music enjoyable since 2007.

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